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Why And How To Make A Mission Statement For Your Life - Lifehack

Ask yourself: Exactly how are my products and services affecting my business?

This John Frieda x Tinashe Campan Is All About Empowerment

Perfect matchmaking (verb): when John Frieda (who makes awesome hair products) teams up with multi-hyphenate music talent Tinashe (has awesome hair) to launch a year-long campan about beauty and self-expression through hair.

S30382 <i>Make</i> <i>Your</i> <i>Statement</i> Fringe Necklace

S30382 Make Your Statement Fringe Necklace

It’s so beautiful and when creating it, our friend Amanda had THE BEST and most thoughtful meaning behind it.

Make your statement this season with Khadi Clothes My India

Writing a statement of intent has been a great challenge for many applicants for several years.

Make your statement:

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